Opening a folder in the Editor

Select a folder or mix folder on the Navigation Tree panel and open it in the Editor to create operations and services inside it or to edit its content.

About this task

Only folders and mix folders can be created in the Developer Console. To create other components inside a folder - such as services or operations - you need to open the folder in the Editor. You can edit folders of any level, such as:
  • The root folder containing your mix
  • The mix itself counts as a folder
  • Any folder inside the mix or the root folder


  1. Log into the Developer Console.
  2. On the Navigation Tree panel select the folder or mix folder you want to edit.
  3. Click the button available either:
    • On the Details panel, in the Source view of the selected folder
    • On the Navigation Tree panel, in the Folder menu of the selected folder


The selected folder is opened in the Editor where you can edit the mix components.
Note: Make sure you edit only those components that are the children of the selected folder or mix folder. Components higher up the tree are displayed as references. If you edit the references, you duplicate the components.