Updating your license

When installing and starting SPARKL, you receive a temporary license. You can update it in the SPARKLĀ® Developer Console, after receiving a license file from the SPARKL team.

Before you begin

Make sure you have obtained a license file from the SPARKL team. If not, contact us.

About this task

You must activate your license to start the sse_license and svc_sequencer extensions. You cannot start transactions if the svc_sequencer extension is in stopped state.

Figure: Nodes mode - Activating the license


  1. Log into the Developer Console as admin.
  2. Switch to Nodes mode on the Mode panel.
    Note: The Nodes mode, and all content displayed in this mode, is only visible if you log in as admin.
  3. In the License view click Upload.
  4. Select your license file and upload it from your file system.
  5. Select sse_license from the list of extensions and switch it on.


Your license is activated.

What to do next

Switch svc_sequencer on too.