Viewing logs

You can view different types of system log reports on your SPARKL nodes, such as error reports, crash reports and so on, to monitor behaviours and get more information on potential errors.


  1. Log into the Developer Console as admin.
  2. Switch to Nodes mode on the Mode panel.
    Note: The Nodes mode, and all content displayed in this mode, is only visible if you log in as admin.
  3. From the Nodes list select the node on which you want to see the logs.
  4. In Logs view select a type from the Log Options list.
    Note: For a description of each option see the Erlang SASL application.

    Figure: The Log Options list

  5. Click Open logs to view the logs.

    Figure: The Logs view


The selected type of log report, for the selected node, is displayed.

Figure: Sample log report