Generating access tokens

Scripts using SPARKL Command Line Interface commands let you automate testing or other routine actions. Instead of disclosing your password in such scripts, use access tokens to log in.

About this task

Any logged-in user can generate one or more access tokens for his user account in the Developer Console. These tokens can only be used with SPARKL CLI commands. A token's secret key replaces the user's password when logging in.


  1. Log into the Developer Console.
  2. Switch to Users mode on the Mode panel.
  3. Click Generate Access Tokens in the User settings view.

    Figure: The User settings view

  4. Enter a name for your token and click GENERATE.
    Important: Make sure you copy-paste the token's key. It is shown only once.


The token appears under the Access tokens label with the prefix token. You can now use it in your scripts to log in.
Note: Delete a token by clicking the delete icon on its right.