Validating a project

Validate your project to find errors such as typos, malformed XML, missing tags or missing references. The Editor automatically validates your project before you deploy it to the Developer Console.

About this task

The Editor differentiates between the following error types:
  • Error
    The mix contains an error and cannot be rendered.
    You cannot deploy or update the project until you fix this issue.
  • Warning
    The mix contains an error that does not prevent the Editor from rendering your mix.
    For example, an operation references a service that is not present in your mix but might be defined higher up.
    You can deploy or update your project.


  1. Open the Editor.
  2. Build, modify or import a mix.
  3. Switch to the Settings view on the Settings panel.

    Figure: Settings view menu

  4. Click VALIDATE.


The Editor checks your project and marks all errors it finds as shown in Figure 2.
Tip: Hover over the marked components to see the cause of the error.

Figure: Validating example