Hello World demo

The Hello World demo is a simple SPARKL configuration greeting the user.

To run this demo, first download and import it.

Running the Hello World demo

Before you begin

Make sure that:
  • SPARKL is installed
  • The nodes are running
  • You have a valid license
Note: See the Installation Guide for further details.


  1. Log into the Developer Console.
  2. Download and import the Hello World demo.
  3. On the Navigation Tree panel select the Mix view of Hello World.

    Figure: The Mix view of Hello World

  4. On the Details panel click the Start operation.
    A dialog box appears.
  5. Click Test.


SPARKL returns a message comprising "Hello, World!".

Figure: Testing Hello World

What to do next

  • Download and run other demos
  • Build your own SPARKL mixes with the help of tutorials