Robot demo

The Robot demo shows how a SPARKL configuration can drive a robot car towards the light.

To run the Robot demo, first you have to download it.

Running the Robot demo

Before you begin

Make sure that pop-ups are enabled in your browser.


  1. Log into the Developer Console.
  2. Download and import the Robot example.
  3. On the Navigation Tree panel select the Robot folder.
  4. Select the Robot service within this folder.
    The following screen appears:

    Figure: Robot service

  5. Click Start Tabserver.
    SPARKL opens up the main tabserver page.
    Tip: Keep the tabserver page in a separate window to make services run faster.
  6. On the tabserver select Robot from the list of available connections.
  7. Click Create a new connection.


The Robot demo is started.

Figure: Robot demo running

What to do next

  • Download and run other demos
  • Build your own SPARKL mixes with the help of tutorials