Creating a Tabserver connection

You can fire up and start a tabserver from the Developer Console.

Before you begin

  • Make sure pop-ups are enabled in your browser
  • Create a service and provision it using tabserver_connection
  • Create another service and;
    • Provision it using tabserver
    • Specify the tabserver_connection service as its dependency


  1. Log into the Developer Console.
  2. On the Navigation Tree panel select the tabserver_connection service.
  3. Click Start Tabserver in the Service view on the Details panel.

    Figure: Opening a tabserver

    SPARKL opens up the main tabserver page.
    Tip: Keep the tabserver page in a separate window to make services run faster.
  4. On the tabserver page, select the tabserver_connection service from the list of available connections.
  5. Click Create a new connection.


The tabserver_connection service is started. All services that depend on it, can now be started.