Basic Operations

Access the Listener directly from the Developer Console. Target any SPARKL resource in your user tree and see the events that correspond to this resource.

Openning the Listener


To open the Listener either:
  • On the Mode panel of the Developer Console click the icon
  • In your browser navigate to the Listener webpage at [SPARKL_URL]/listen


The Listener opens.

Listening to SPARKL events


  1. Select the SPARKL resource you want to listen to.
  2. In the Add listener dialogue, enter the path to the resource into the Subject field and click Add.
    Tip: On the Details panel of the Developer Console, the Source view of the selected resource displays the full path to the resource in the top-right corner. Click the path to copy it to clipboard.


A new Listener window appears for the selected resource. The window displays all events that correspond to this resource.

What to do next

For more information on SPARKL event logging and how to make use of the event logs, see the Analysing event logs wiki page of the SPARKL Command-line Interface.