Validation returns a duplicate error message.

Attribute value has identical elements

An attribute - one that takes a space-separated list as its value - has two list elements with the same name. The validation message returns the name of the duplicate list element.

For example:

  • A notify references two services as its clients, both of which has the same name
    <notify name="sameClients"
      clients="duplService duplService"
      fields="field1 field2"/>
  • A consume specifies three input fields, two of which have the same name
    <consume name="sameFields"
      fields="duplField field2 duplField"/>


  1. On the Canvas panel, select the component that contains the error.
  2. Depending on whether the attribute is visible in the Edit view of the Settings panel, either:
    • Simply remove the duplicate value on the Settings panel
    • Click EDIT SOURCE and remove the duplicate value manually

Cannot resolve issue

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