Transaction testing

Transaction testing is a way to test a configuration in the Developer Console. By invoking a transaction test, you act as a client service triggering a new transaction.

Before you begin

  • If the configuration is not in the Navigation Tree panel yet, deploy or import it
  • If you use tabserver for provisioning services:
    1. Enable pop-ups in your browser
    2. Create a tabserver connection by
      • Selecting the service dependency responsible for accepting connections on the Navigation Tree panel
      • Clicking Start Tabserver
      • Selecting the service instance from the list of available connections and clicking Create a new connection


  1. On the Navigation Tree panel select the mix folder of the configuration you want to test.
  2. In the Mix view click an operation that can trigger a transaction.
    Transactions can be triggered by notify and solicit/response operations.
    Tip: You can unit test individual operations too.
  3. Enter a value for the field(s) that the operation outputs.
    In the case of FLAG fields you do not have to enter any value.
  4. Click Test.

    Figure: Transaction testing


SPARKL processes the transaction and starts all services needed to do so.